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About Jake & Son Handyman Services

Over many years, Jake has been building up his skills with various self-taught projects.
His late father-in-law taught him the "tricks" of welding and guided him with advise and encouragement.
Having been in the tyre industry for many years, he was daily in contact with clients and often came into contact with clients in need of assistance with mechanical, welding, electrical, issues.

Being blessed with an enquiring mind, Jake would always offer to help and often surprised those in need with his talents.

Jake was a keen learner with motor mechanics and also honed his skills with panel-beating and spray-painting.

A brave step was taken when he decided to tile his own home and he followed this up with cabinet-making. He built his own kitchen cupboards. This successful project inspired him to offer his services to others.

After being retrenched from the tyre company, he took up a position as sales manager in a hardware supply store.
Once again here was an opportunity to further expand his skills.

Meeting clients who could advise him on various handyman topics was a real blessing.

The hardware store was unfortunately forced into liquidation and Jake found himself in a position where his age was starting to count against him with regard to employment opportunities.

Jake decided to include his son, Jean, who was taught many of his father's skills over a period of time, in a venture to supply handyman services and thus Jake & Son was started in 2012.

To date the venture has been highly successful and we look forward to expanding in the near future.

Jake and Son is a family driven business.